songs – vital weekly # 773

also on cassette and on the same label, but not part of this series is a release by ab’she, who already had a release in the silent series. gianluca favaron is behind ab’she, and as we now know, who was two weeks ago reviewed as part of under the snow. there are four songs on ‘songs’, the last song taking up the entire b-side, so perhaps not a song as such. since reviewing under the snow, i know favaron is a man of computer processing and i assume that is what is going on here. its hard to say what exactly he is processing on this tape. for all i know this could be anything, but the most likely candidate seems to me some kind of field recordings. the processing level is ‘high’ here, transforming and mutating the input into computer driven, shifting pieces of drone music. slowly moving forward – come to think of it, it might be guitars as well – with strange juxtapositions and odd changes. maybe i’m in a different song here (that will always be the main problem with cassettes, i think)? on the b-side he reaches out for the land of noise, in his own computer minded way. here field recordings are in play, and it seems to me they are cars. quite a heavy form of musique concrete is in place here. throughout an excellent tape. highly varied works. buy now!