inner sky – a closer listen

2012 continues to be a year of new beginnings and new philosophies. As part of this movement, A Closer Listen is proud to welcome the Galaverna netlabel, a new venture run by Enrico Coniglio (curator of Mix #3) and Leandro Pisano. Galaverna (“hoarfrost”) is a champion of degrowth, an effort to achieve a more sustainable culture. With only one digital release per season, its carbon footprint is likely to remain small.

Gianluca Favaron was previously featured here as half of Zbeen, whose K-frame was featured here this past winter. The quality remains high on Inner Sky, the first part of a pair; Outer Sky will be released on Ripples Recordings later this spring. While the release is field recording based, the electronics and loops define its character. A natural progression from K-frame, Inner Sky shares its sonic dynamism, its sci-fi timbre, its gurgles, beeps and bells.

The term inner sky refers to the imagination. It’s the title of a book of Rilke translations, and has been used less convincingly in references to astrology. Inner Sky is certainly conducive to thought. The music doesn’t make one think of Paris (the source of the field recordings), but it does seem to take place elsewhere, in a location that may not actually exist. While grounding is present in the tolling of a bell or the rolling of thunder, the sonic field is dominated by percussive notes that flutter around the speakers like agitated fireflies. While the closing piece offers additional form, the strength of this recording is its seeming formlessness. This structure does, however, provide a clear ending to the set, and leaves us wondering what Outer Sky will sound like: consonant or dissonant, focused or diffused. This much is certain: we’re already looking forward to its release.
[Richard Allen]