outer sky – beach sloth

Gianluca Favaron creates a soundtrack for the unstable. The shift from something fully recognizable into something purely digital is quite engaging. Most of it rests on the barely audible side of the sonic spectrum. A few times it does erupt (such as the halfway mark of the disc). Usually though it is quiet enough to merit late night listening with headphones.

It begins on the street. Field recordings come in and out of the mix. Right as things appear to feel a little sterile there’s an actual outside environment. These field recordings are placed strategy to create the sense of a living, breathing piece. Actually the beginning of the piece sounds rather dramatic. Oval comes to mind if Oval dealt with a minor, repeating glitch rather than amorphous ones. Eventually the glitch drops out to present a fragile melody, played by what appears to be a broken music box. Humanity comes out of this broken feeling. It’s a tender, sweet moment. Outside street noises return again and overpower the planned structures. We do return to that fragile melody as white noise is laid on top of it. The sound feels like vinyl record static. Fragility increases through this method. A weak drone emerges and brings the piece to a close.

‘Outer Sky’ combines planned and unplanned events. This makes it a bit spontaneous. At times Gianluca seems to willingly give up control of his piece. Rather than dictate where it goes Gianluca allows elements of chance to play a part in the recording. By taking this approach Gianluca creates a fluid, strangely enjoyable experience.