outer sky – cut and run

I first heard of Favaron’s work after @c’s excellent Re:Fujaco was brought to my attention by label founder Enrico Coniglio. Browsing Galaverna’s other releases brought me to Inner Sky (a worthwhile listen), which brought me to this (an essential listen).

There is some malaise towards field recording in much of the community these days, which is not entirely unfounded. I can’t count the innumerable albums from the last few years of unaltered field recordings of questionable intent (Manfred Werder et al. being notable exceptions), or else mixes which consisted of little more than the artist’s usual repertoire played over-top fields. Outer Sky falls into neither of those categories.

You can find Richard Allen’s review at A Closer Listen. For now, suffice to say that Favaron’s recurring fields are re-contextualized and synthetically reacted to in unique and fascinating ways. The resulting accumulation is both intimate and expansive in scope.