split tape review: tabs out

beaudry favaron tapes scanThis is an album of interesting textures. You’re not going to find many musical notes on this album, and may even have a hard time finding guitar tabs on the internet for it…. Hold on, let me check …. *three years later* …. nope … nothing. On the A Side, Gianluca does field recordings and Brian does electronics. On the B Side they switch roles. It’s an interesting concept. Furtherly, to tickle your musical earbuds, both sides are quite different.

The A Side, to me, represents the land. Lots of deep sub bass drones with power electronics type sounds overtop, such as drills, hair clippers and overall rustling. Yes, a lot of rustling to be found here, which may or may not be aforementioned butt-scratching. As a contrast, there is also the pleasant blowing of leaves and birds chirping in some of the more relaxing and serene moments.

Flip the tape over and you get a full-on underwater adventure. You start off in a submarine deep under the sea, exiting the submarine in your metallic diving suit. Suddenly, something goes awry. Clanking and crashing. You feel very claustrophobic. But don’t worry. Your partner exits the sub and is able to repair your suit. That was a relief! Finally you do some exploring and come across a fleet of robot fish from the future. This musical journey is pretty special and unique, so if minimal soundscape stuff is your cup of tea, grip this tape and listen to it while drinking a cup of tea. [Tabs Out]