decomposed days: vital weekly #945

10553408_927084340651803_7914120720133053748_nHere’s the follow-up to the CD ‘The System Of Objects’ by Corrado Altieri (synthesizers, electronics, tapes) and Gianluca Favaron (microphones, loops, effects, computer) – see also Vital Weekly 904. Just like that previous release, this is a rather short album (thirty-two minutes), but the tracks being a bit longer, with ‘Vertical Features’ even being twelve minutes. This work has less an ambient feel to it, and more a musique concrete/electro-acoustic feel. There are again the heavily treated field recordings and sounds from objects and fewer synthesizers. I might be wrong though. There is an overall sense of experiment here. More noise without being noise, if you get my drift. It’s not loud per se, or rather, not at all, but to say this ambient would also not be the point. Throughout the music didn’t seem very loud (or maybe I just turned down the volume?), but quite intense at this level; maybe it’s just this early morning listening session that makes my judgement a bit clouded; maybe I am not awake yet? Lots of obscure sounds from all these sources are melted down into this obscured drone music of a highly experimental nature. I quite enjoyed the radical nature of this somehow lo-fi sounding experimental noise. Lots of crackling and rust between the notes. This is, I may repeat myself, the noise I like very much. (FdW)