decomposed days: chain d.l.k.

10553408_927084340651803_7914120720133053748_nOne year after “The System Of Objects”, their first collaborative release inspired by French sociologist and cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard, Corrado Altieri (synthesizers, electronics, tapes) and Gianluca Favaron (microphones, loops. effects, computer), two of the most brilliant electronic sound-artists from Italian scene joined their sonic arts again on Silentes’ sister-label 13’s “private sounds series”, even if I could say that this release features a possible special guest, Tulse Luper, the fictional ornithologist whose 92 suitcases told his “story from 1928 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, sketching not so much the biography of one man as the story of a century related through some of its key events” according to the words of his own inventor, the brilliant film director Peter Greenaway. The opening “Time And Space” looks like a fusion of the mentioned two dimensions by means of a sequence of aural elements which render a train journey, distant radio transmissions, an otherworldly ticking and a binaural amalgam that sound like the sonic equivalent of Kuleshov effect in film editing, while the numbering to 121 is the first clear hook to “Vertical Features Remake”, the absurd fake documentary/movie that inspired this album. Even if listeners who know or deepen that movie could understang some possible references to that movie, it’s not an essential condition for enjoying the drift between abstract noise and pure sound as well as between matter and vacuum of sound, whose dual nature got permanently switched in the five explorations by these wise producers.