zolfo – vital weekly 1054

76f6cf36-93f7-4e26-a78e-31b2dc0f9934Last week we already had Vetropaco, a collaboration between Andrea Belluci, of Red Sector A, and Gianluca Favaron, now the latter returns with a release with Anacleto Vitolo, of whom I don’t think I heard before. He was part of (i)Neon, Internos and Algebra del Bisogno. On ‘Zolfo’ he’s responsible for live electronics, cymbals, laptop and objects, while Favaron plays tapes, objects, microphones, analogue and digital effects. Over the course of four months, earlier this year, they composed these pieces of music, which I think are very much along the lines of what one expects from the previous work of Favaron. This is the kind of music that is very ‘now’, combining a variety of musical interests that seem, at least theoretically, wide apart, such as drones, musique concrete, electro-acoustic music, and a bit of looped rhythms, so that it is never really one thing or another. And that I think is great; it is the modern variety of serious electronic music, but without being all together too serious. There is a fine liveliness in these pieces, a rough edge if you will, one that is probably at odds with the ‘rules’ of composing ‘serious’ electronic music, but it works pretty well (see also Tod Dockstader, I was thinking). The gritty bass sounds, the somewhat harsher undercurrent, and then all of that suddenly looped into a bit of rhythm that never goes into a groovy beat. This is in your face and direct, but without everything becoming super loud. Just thoroughly pleasant electronic music with a fine experimental twist. This is exactly how I like these things. (FdW)