zolfo – chain dlk

76f6cf36-93f7-4e26-a78e-31b2dc0f9934“Zolfo” is the result of the collaboration between Gianluca Favaron and Anacleto Vitolo, both of them known for many interesting release in the past years. While Favaron is probably best known as one half of Zbeen, this is the first Vitolo’s release that I hear and I must admit that he was able to accompany his partner towards his most visceral release.
The field recordings of “Starting Point” open this release introducing the synthetically generated sounds and immediately the equilibrium of the two components emerges under the influence of noise. “Zolfo” is a journey from the initial noise to the final drone while “Infrasound” is based on filtered field recording and cymbals creating an atmosphere of attention and meditation and “Discourse 12” marks the gradual return to thick masses of sound which surrounds the listener. “Fold-in” is a quiet moment of musical rest based on minimal lines of sound while “Reflection” is instead a juxtaposition of many sound sources. “Oblivion” closes this release with a precise layering of sounds which creates a soundscape quietly ended by field recording accompanying the listener to everyday life.
A collaboration based on the use of an other language to break the boundaries of his own and results in an enjoyable release where noise is not synonym for masses of sound but for complexity. Recommended. [Andrea Piran]