blank spaces – vital weekly 1077

‘Hey, buddy, what’s up? Why so gloomy?” I would like to ask Favaron for this somewhat depressing title. But then, here right now, sun is shining and mild spring weather is all around. Maybe that was not the case when Favaron created the music or titled the music?
There are two pieces of music on this cassette, ‘Roquentin’ and ‘Meursault’, for which I have no idea who or what they are.
Favaron takes the by now usual credit for ‘objects, mics, tapes, synth, analogue and digital effects’ and does what he does best, I guess, which creating some very fine modern day musique concrete. As I wrote before, I have no idea how Favaron works, and this new tape doesn’t shed any more light than it did before. My best guess is, still, that he uses multiple sound sources, maybe hand manipulated or previously recorded on reel-to-reel machines, cassettes or Dictaphone and they all go into the mixer, with some sound effects connected and Favaron creating a mix on the spot; perhaps that is all the wrong assumption, and he works meticulously on multi-layering his sound sources, but that’s not how this sounds. Noise is something that he’s not afraid off, leaping into mild-distortion from time to time and sustaining sounds are connected through feedback, also occasionally; maybe there is a no-input mixer in play also. As before I like this, and think it would be great to put this in a four track machine and fiddle around with random mixes; it’s a pity that the machine I had died recently, so that is no longer a possibility.
This is another very consistent work for Favaron. (FdW)