to found – vital weekly 1221

a4224975206_10Corrado Altieri and Gianluca Favaron deliver with ‘To Found’ their third album, following ‘The System Of Objects’ (Vital Weekly 904) and ‘Decomposed days’ (Vital Weekly 945). Altieri is responsible for ‘electronics, tapes and programming’ while Favaron plays computer and percussion. The two men have quite a history when it comes to experimental music in all its various incarnations, ambient mostly, but also noise-based and in their duo work they add the element of rhythm. It is difficult to say something about the way they work. It could work either way; either this is all improvised and only comes to us via editing the best bits and pieces, or they sit down and meticulously compose this. Somehow I tend to think it is the first. The pieces they edit together are short and to the point, like the whole album is, being thirty-two minutes long. The lessons learned from Pan Sonic are used quite well in these eight pieces. The bass sound is a strong presence, stomping occasionally away like on a techno record. Yet this does not result in dance music. Whatever else Favaron and Altieri add to the mix are noises, crumbled radio waves, sine waves, feedback, field recordings and highly obscured sounds, all of which is working quite well. By keeping these pieces between three and five minutes and in which there is quite a bit happening, they make sure there is quite a bit of energy in the music, not the least thanks to those rhythms that they slipped in. I think this is their best album together so far.

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