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equivalent xi: fluid radio

coverMusician Gianluca Favaron collaborates with Ennio Mazzon as Zbeen and Stefano Gentile as Under The Snow, as well as releasing work under his own name and under the moniker ab’she. “Equivalent XI”, his new release for Silentes’ ‘Private Sounds’ series, continues where the recently reviewed single-sided 12″ “Surfaces” left off, and in fact overlaps somewhat with that record, in some instances presenting the same sounds under different track titles. The music is built from recordings of everyday objects such as paper, scissors, kitchen utensils and the like, treated with effects and arranged into sparse patterns and loops; the album’s title points, intentionally or not, to Carl Andre’s (in)famous “Equivalent I-VIII” series of sculptures made from geometric configurations of identical bricks — the ordinary and everyday posited as ideal. Continue reading


equivalent xi: vital weekly #932

coverItaly’s Silentes label works with a variety of ‘series’ of which ’13’ is one that usually deals with photography, which is rather absent on the release of Gianluca Favaron. He’s a member of Under The Snow with Stefano Gentile and of Zbeen with Ennio Mazzon, whereas in the past he was also member of Ab’she and Lasik Surgery (with Pierpaolo Zoppo). On this new work he continues what he started on his previous record, ‘Surfaces’, a limited piece of vinyl which we didn’t review (or hear), but which apparently deals with every day sounds – songs from the kitchen sink? – such as paper, scissors, kitchen stuff, which are treated with two delay machines and the result is eleven short pieces, from less than a minute up to five minutes. This is a most strange release, and if you know me, strange is not a word I use easily. This music has a certain naivety, or perhaps something rather ‘simple’ with the objects being played with relatively ease, but then captured or locked into a system of living electronics, bending and moving these ‘easy’ sounds around. Maybe it’s all done in a very simple and direct way, much like it is suggested. And there is nothing ‘wrong’ with that. In the end it’s the result that counts and that is result is something I like very much. It’s very quiet music, almost accidental, ‘I couldn’t help it, it just happened’, but of the variety that is usually associated with the label and the styles we know it for, ambient and drone. [FdW]

equivalent xi. ne hanno parlato…

coverSu “13” anche l’album “bianco” di Gianluca Favaron “Equivalent XI”, sequenza di field recording processati in ritmi indolenti, evanescenti fruscii e crepitii dell’albero magnetico, sfregamenti materici in cerca d’autore, il tutto molto scarnificato e diligente (e anche un po’ misterioso). Variazioni per microfoni, oggettini ed elettronica, masterizzate da Giuseppe Ielasi. [Vittore Baroni\fb]

“Equivalent XI” di GIANLUCA è un lavoro di music concrete aggiornata ai nostri giorni dotato di spiccato gusto minimale. Piccoli rumori e manipolazioni d’oggetti vengono selezionati e trattati per poi essere assemblati digitalmente in brevi sequenze che formano tracce di brulicante microscopia sonora. “Solfege De L’Objet Sonore” avrebbe detto il maestro Pierre Schaeffer. [Gianluca Becuzzi\fb] Continue reading